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Brand marketing

As experts in brand positioning, our talented, energetic team works to assist businesses that need an insightful, innovative and exciting way to reinvigorate their unique selling proposition to resonate with their target audience.

Whether you are in a competitive market and need to dig deep into what makes you special or unpick those intangibles that represent your corporate culture, ethos and vision, our branding agency builds from the ground up, ensuring you have a laser-sharp picture of the trading landscape, using technical market research and collaborative stakeholder workshops to realign your brand messaging.

Flintlock is a B2B brand marketing agency with a proven track record and strategic methodology that sets the foundation for superb brand consistency, allowing you to communicate effectively and gain a sustainable competitive advantage through brand design and content creation that embraces your distinctive brand identity.

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The unique opportunity a brand positioning firm offers

Top branding agencies strip back the noise to uncover those qualities that should shine through within your brand marketing, creating a relationship, a market presence and a dialogue with your audience base that generates customer loyalty.

Rather than synthesising a brand’s positioning through large-volume, high-cost advertising, our creative team achieves business growth using targeted strategies that are centred on the essence of what makes your organisation different, ensuring this core messaging is the key theme in every brand marketing activity, be that:

  • Full brand identity, including new logo development and brand evolution
  • Website design and optimisation
  • Brochure, catalogue and magazine design and print
  • Social media marketing and positioning
  • Content marketing and email marketing projects

Working with a full-service creative agency ensures that, when your brand positioning is watertight and future-proof, you can transform that strategic knowledge into action, using disruptive advertising to generate leads, boost market share, and maximise the outcomes of all your marketing efforts.

Our 'why-what-how’ overview




Internal ambition


Purpose proposition behaviours


Plan on a page


Agency brief


Creative development

Using a brand positioning agency

Distilling your brand identity into a polished package forms the basis for you to incorporate your unique value proposition into all the visual elements used in web development, social media engagement, digital products and logo design – developing a cohesive brand identity that is impossible to replicate.

Leveraging our comprehension of behavioural science, industry trends, markers for business success and customer experiences, and how those factors trickle down into marketing strategies, means our digital marketing is carefully aligned to deliver excellent demand generation. 

Digital marketing services and B2B marketing campaigns should never be a shot in the dark but an extension of your self-awareness as a brand, delivering content marketing that helps businesses establish themselves as trustworthy, credible and high-value brands that stand apart.


Defining your ethos and aspirations

As all the best branding companies will agree, brand positioning is the number one objective behind any brand marketing exercise. It applies to every organisation, from scale-ups looking to augment their competitive advantage to long-established tech companies that need a branding firm to adjust their brand strategy to remain relevant in a fast-growth market.

Flintlock Marketing provides a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions as a full-service agency, translating your visual identity into programmes based on marketing automation and outstanding digital design expertise to amplify your presence and pin down those brand messages that are pivotal to growth.

Branding acts as a catalyst for powerful digital marketing, using brand positioning services to refine your messages and mission to ensure they capture attention and foster long-term customer loyalty from a diverse target audience or across large-scope customer demographics. 

Please get in touch to learn more about our brand marketing services, or visit our client testimonials to see the impact we can have.

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