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Co-op Insurance Brand Proposition & Positioning

Co-operating with the Co-operative

Getting close

A brand is so much more than the sum of its parts. As acting CMO for The Co-op, this proved pertinent.

Tasked with bringing to life the company strategy “Closer to you” through their food stores, we were to broaden awareness, and get this part of business growing. It presented a significant challenge. One that fell right in the Flintlock sweet spot.

To the source

We knew that the first thing to do was find out the real business problem and barriers to growth. A forensic investigation revealed that people knew the Co-Op’s ethical message, but needed convincing on the quality, range and price of its food. Our response became a double pronged attack to change these perceptions.

A powerful shift in the communications message was implemented to focus on mealtimes; people sitting around the table to share and enjoy food. It sat neatly within the Co-Op brand yet still put food first. It proved a huge success, and our “Better Together” Christmas advert was ranked No.1 for positive mentions* and gained an 84% engagement lift.

We also worked to demonstrate and convince the CEO and board to make a significant three year investment into pricing. It enabled the foods to matter more, to become a competitive proposition for the consumer, and to be a strong platform for us to get growth.


Engagement increase

Makes it matter

Innovations were also made within The Co-Op itself to filter the “Closer To You” brand message through to its employees in meaningful ways. Identifying key internal communications strategies, built out of extensive interviews and listening groups, we encouraged significant engagement.

A key component of the campaign was the use of in-store radios to significantly drive up the redemption of the staff double-discount rate. It was highly popular and enabled staff to become true advocates for The Co-Op foods produce.

Our implementation of the “Closer To You’ strategy has been highly successful, identifying revenue and growth opportunities that have had real impact both externally and internally for the group.

*Compiled from data by 4C and featured in Campaign


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