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Denplan’s Successful Rebrand Strategy to SimplyHealth

Another bite at the apple

Understand Your Roots

Getting back to the roots of a brand is vital to understanding what will make it a success. It can also tell you a lot about your customer, and how to keep their loyalty. Something we saw up close as acting CMO for Simplyhealth.

Denplan, the trusted dental scheme, recognised by its green apple design, had been in its ownership for six years. Now replaced by a Simplyhealth re-brand, the sales were falling at a rate of 2% per year. We had to find a way to turn it around.

Gather Your Support

Speaking to people across the business we took time to listen, to ask what worked, what didn’t, and what they would do if they were us? Clear change was needed, and given this insight, the CEO was prepared to back it.

We also knew that whatever we did this time, we had to keep the customer – the dental practices – engaged, and on board. To know how, we went to them direct to listen openly to their concerns and views. What we learned was critical.

Denplan had real brand salience. The dentists had an emotional attachment to it, both visually and historically. Its legacy of being created by dentists for dentists was important to them. The change in the brand identity had tested their loyalty.

Our strategy put the iconic apple at the heart of its identity. It would demonstrate that we had heard, and understood the brand. And, as stakeholders, the dentists got behind it.

Work As One

Involved throughout, the SimplyHealth studio team were poised ready to create the new brand identity. This approach delivered excellent creative output and proved highly cost-effective, and allowed us to introduce a refreshed sales incentive signup strategy.

The early signs are that sales are rising. And, that where we understand the deep roots of a brand – in this case one created with dentists, for dentists – we keep our customers on board, and stay on course for growth.

Tasha joined our business at our time when we were reviewing our operating model and transforming our business to grow in a number of channels.

Tasha was fundamental in bringing together a number of marketing teams together to work as one and form a new leadership team. This was a very challenging period for our teams and her clear, compassionate and decisive leadership made a real difference. Tasha ensured we had stability within the team and focus on meeting our business goals by the end of 2019.

In addition, Tasha led the re-introduction of our Denplan brand to support our growth in the dental market. Tasha’s experience in bringing the Denplan brand to market and unlocking it’s value was pivotal and ensured we engaged successfully with our customers and employees. This was delivered in incredibly short timescales and with a very clear/ concise communication plan.”

Mark Hamson, Simplyhealth


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