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Marketing that creates a spark*

Getting businesses growing

From household name brands to SMEs, our brand strategists and marketers come into the heart of your business, and help to get it growing faster.

A powerful mix of exceptional consultative brand strategy and brilliant creative output that works

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Rooted in Brands

Getting to the heart of where your brand and customer meet will spark your strategy to success.

Working with an expert brand strategy marketing agency

At Flintlock Marketing we specialist in interpreting the messaging, themes, identity and core focus of ambitious, innovative and complex businesses, whether start-ups looking to define the branding that will help them stand apart or global corporations needing a brand proposition that meets the evolving needs of their customers.

Effective, powerful brand marketing can transform your communications, consumer perceptions and impact, extracting the messages that convey your brand’s value, character and ethos.

Branding agency services for high-growth sectors

Exceptional branding is key for businesses and groups keen to accelerate growth and maintain pace with competitors and consumer trends – a brand that continues to mature can use that growth to generate consistency and impactful approaches that cultivate long-term followings and brand loyalty.

Consulting a branding agency to refine your brand proposition

Long-standing businesses work with Flintlock Marketing to gain an objective understanding of how their brand proposition meets current needs and how the look, feel and essence of a brand remains relevant to target audiences and demographics. Modernising your brand can catalyse renewed enthusiasm, renovating your brand values to resonate with changing expectations.

Selecting a marketing agency with a focus on brand identity

Our multi-skilled team of brand strategists, designers, planners and brand marketers work cohesively to evaluate all aspects of your branding, from perception and market analysis to auditing customer behaviours and workforce satisfaction.

Superb branding can reduce organisational risk, recognise competitive advantages, drive progress and augmented outcomes, and address communication issues to introduce clarity at key phases, from strengthening your brand to launching new services, entering into new markets or improving brand advocacy.

Understanding the value of a branding strategy agency

Once your brand strategy is renewed, modernised, and strategically targeted to align with your big-picture objectives, we put that fresh thinking into action throughout your customer experiences, campaigns, communications and digital media assets.

The ground-level research and analysis ensures your creative branding is equal parts objective and inventive, influencing the way your target audience perceives your brand, interacts with your products and engages with your business.

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