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Strategy marketing

Strategic marketing is so much more than a colour-by-numbers marketing campaign. Instead, it follows a deep dive consultancy to get a full-scope understanding of the aspects that make your brand something special – knowing what success means to you, how your target audience perceives your brand, and gaining a clear understanding of how to effect transformative, sustainable change.

Our strategic marketing approach is based on qualitative workshop-based and stakeholder research that helps to define the relevant parameters, determining the marketing disciplines that are closest aligned with your organisational goals. We identify the marketing tools that will prove most impactful, considering the following:

  •           New opportunities and resistance within the market
  •           Services and products aligned with current trends
  •           Pricing, promotional and value proposition detailing

Intelligence underpins every factor, ensuring any launch, campaign or marketing plan is backed by data-driven knowledge of the market, sector, customer expectations and brand recognition – a proven recipe for successful strategic marketing.

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Recognise business potential with strategic marketing

Flintlock Marketing builds winning strategies that embrace your unique brand identity, whether your core objectives are brand growth, customer acquisition or winning back and retaining customers.

Strategic marketing achieves better sales, greater success and faster innovation by encompassing the scope of brand positioning, trend analysis and targeted goal setting.

Utilising all the artificial intelligence and research tools at our disposal, our multi-skilled creative team contributes to high-level decision-making to ensure your strategic marketing activities are interconnected and implemented across all communication channels.

The key is always to ensure anything you wish to promote, market or launch is primed for a positive reception, using brand analysis and extensive consumer research to design actionable and quantifiable marketing campaigns that have a lasting impact. Combining that knowledge during campaign design and deployment is instrumental to fostering ongoing engagement, brand loyalty and relatability.

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Creative development

Competitive advantage of strategic marketing

Flintlock approaches strategic marketing with a blend of creative skill, formulated strategy, intensive research and industry focus. This multifaceted methodology is crucial to forming promotional tactics that are aligned with your aims – be that rebalancing your social media presence, establishing strong brand credibility or designing go-to-market planning for your biggest and brightest innovation.

With a comprehensive suite of communication services spanning reputation management, dialogues and public relations, we design and implement strategic marketing plans backed by all the qualities customers value and your industry recognises to optimise brand perceptions.

In-depth prior planning leaves nothing to chance, ensuring we know what you want to achieve, what your end-game results look like, and designing a tactical plan to take you from A to B.

Great marketing maximises productivity and outcomes, ensuring you make forward-thinking business decisions with clarity about your target audience, your aims, and how your marketing ties back to your business vision.


Combining marketing and strategy with Flintlock Marketing

The right marketing mix will always vary between two different companies. Specifying the most effective channels, digital marketing techniques, and campaigns relies on data analysis to extract the most important factors to gain customer loyalty.

As industry experts and branding specialists, our team provides a balance of skills, bringing brand consultancies and design backed by creativity, market analysis and strategic marketing plans that are ready to deploy. With bolt-on digital marketing services available, we provide a wealth of resources, knowledge and best-practice marketing principles, crafting strategies to help you succeed.

Dynamic content and an immersive creative development approach drive revenues while remaining cost-effective, outperforming your competitors through strategic thinking and meticulous targeting rather than out-spending.

Please get in touch to learn more about strategic marketing services with Flintlock or to discuss the full consultancy process to ensure your brand is prepped for growth.

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