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Brand identity with a clear vision for Flylogix

A new flightpath for Flylogix

Take off

Flylogix is an innovative British aviation engineering company in a phase of rapid growth.  Its success is that its unmanned aviation capability is proven and fully operational. This is not typical, where many competitors remain in conceptual stages.  

Their work for clients in the oil and gas sector to measure methane emissions is setting a global blueprint for the industry. They are achieving success developing services in a two year trial for the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group.  And this year they launch an environmental partnership to monitor bird life for renewable energy wind farms at sea.  The business is ‘flying high’.

With such fast-paced growth, and expected scaling of its team, the team knew it needed to better reflect and present its brand for its future self. Work had already been done to build a good set of differentiating values: brave, different and determined. But, the overall brand storytelling was not gelling, and the brand identity – visual and verbal – was not precise or on-point enough. Clarity and vision was needed. 

Flintlock Marketing was asked to take a business view and build a brand to match. And then to support  the team to bring the brand to life in brand marketing output.


Big sky thinking

At Flintlock we always start at strategy. So, we visited the HQ  to spend time on site and then to run Spark Workshops to understand the business, its operation, people and objectives. Taking on board all this information allowed us to get under the skin of the company and start to build a picture of where we could position brand strategy.

With founder companies there is regularly a story behind the brand about how it came into being. In this case the CEO, an engineer by trade, had a long held passion for flight.  A book – The Chronicles Of Aviation – that he had owned since a child, inspired and informed us about why the company existed and wanted to achieve: to be the next chapter in aviation. 

From this exploration, we took a strategic leap to get to the central thought at the heart of the business, and how we could express that as the driving force behind the brand. Our brand essence of  Always Going Further was the result. 

It chimed well with the pioneering spirit and tenacity of the team, and correlated to the engineering and technological achievements they were making.  In short, it was true.  Behind that, we then put in place three brand pillars, with ‘reasons to believe’ to give the brand its foundations.  Pioneering, Tested and Tough and Lightest Footprint.  All these would support them to consistently communicate in marketing and sales and help them stay focused on what they needed to consider as they grew and evolved the business, tech and engineering and team.  


Spreading wings

With strategy in place and serving as a playbook for how the brand should be communicated and delivered by its people and in its Marcomms, we are working closely to support the team to evolve strategy in look, feel, language and tone.  

A recent update of the brand identity has put precision into with its boldness, and regular communications are working to the brand pillars.  We are creating ‘firsts’ to match the pioneering work by partnering in industry-wide case studies, featuring the team as ‘pioneers in action’, demonstrating our operations in practice and sharing our learnings at own brand events. Next we are reworking the website to strategically deliver the brand experience.

We are #alwaysgoingfurther

In Practice

Brought to life


“We have been working with Flintlock for about 9 months now and in that time they have already made a real difference. As a high-growth engineering start-up, we are always looking to maximise our impact in the most cost-effective way. The Flintlock team do that by bringing a unique blend of exceptional marketing experience coupled with the ability (and willingness) to roll their sleeves up and deliver real tangible results on a day-to-day basis.”

Chris Adams, Business Development Director, Flylogix

Consistent delivery

  • Flightlogix newsletter
  • Monthly blogs
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Target events
  • Pioneering case studies

Founding vision

We secured and delivered the story for the CEO to be featured in documentary Founders Changing The World by The Founding Network.

Capturing imaginations

Two minute video for a targeted event reinforcing brand essence and pillars


Big brand thinking

Applied bold strategy to place a 48 sheet poster at Aberdeen Airport in heart of their target customer world to drive sales and awareness. New customers signed up


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Let’s create a spark together