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Talent and track record


Flintlock is led by experienced and highly motivated brand marketers Tasha Gladman and Graham Appleyard. Their track record and client list is a testament to their ability and skill.  Combined with their personable, collaborative style, and strategic focus it makes them a winning ingredient in getting business brands growing.

The Right Team

Our flexible approach means you can access people with the right skills, whenever you need. We can come in-house at leadership level, take on a specific project, or form a bolt-on team for your business. The people in our Flintlock associate network are selected for their talent, energy and team attitude.  Always ready to get to work, create and collaborate to produce marketing excellence, we make it a lot of fun along the way too.


Tasha Gladman


Tasha is a highly creative brand marketer with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her career extends over 25 years in leading and pivotal roles in the industry. An inspirational leader, with vast amounts of energy, she consistently delivers success for her clients through a combination of a compelling vision, new positioning, bold communications and a clear innovation roadmap. The list of household name brands and ambitious SMEs that work with her is long and illustrious (Tesco, Unilever, B&Q, Boots and Hovis, to name a few). CEOs, CMOs, business owners and their teams love to work with her, and she has lately been described as "world class" by a leading agency.

Outside of Flintlock, she serves as NED for the Royal Yachting Association, and advisor to several start-ups, where she offers her skills to encourage young businesses to get out of the branding starting blocks.


Graham Appleyard


Graham is a commercially astute brand marketer with bags of positive energy. With over 25 years experience leading brand and commercial teams around the world he is recognised for his strategic rigour and his passion for great execution.

He is a dynamic leader who has an innate ability to build strong relationships across organisations and this, combined with his positive influence and a good dose of pragmatism have helped create significant impact on client performance.

His collaborations span brand positioning, customer proposition and marketing & communications projects for multiple household name brands including, most recently, Co-op, Guinness, Dulux, Caffe Nero, Boots and Lipton Iced Tea.

Graham also works with a number of start up businesses and away from Flintlock he takes time to educate future marketers; visiting schools to talk about the industry, available career options and the power of speaking a second language.


Why choose Flintlock?

Our company’s philosophy, approach and drive are all about finding the spark in yours. As a branding agency built on personal talent and skill, everything we do and every brand strategy we suggest is created through collaboration, creative thinking, and exploring what matters to you, your workforce, your customers and your business. 

Flintlock Marketing is a branding specialist built by people, for people, getting into the specifics of what makes every brand special and why that is such a powerful motivator for prospective clients, partners and customers. 

We work with businesses with ambition, with big hurdles to success, or with dynamic ideas that need to be translated into effective, vibrant and engaging brand messaging – seeing the why, not the what, and the how, not the when.

How do we do this? By blending pure creativity, professionalism, expertise and skill, extracting the knowledge and value our incredible team provides to create brand strategies that feel like home, and encapsulate what makes you you and how you communicate those intangibles to your target customer to make your business a brand they would choose over anybody else.

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Our brand marketing objectives

Incredible brands do so much more than make money, sell products or achieve market share. Some of the greatest British brands ever created – think Cadbury, Aston Martin, M&S, Fortnum & Mason – are enshrined in our culture and evoke feelings of familiarity, prestige, luxury, tradition and comfort that would be impossible to replicate.

That sense of knowing what a brand means, what it stands for, and what it represents without any further information is precisely what we do. We create brands that stand apart and engage because their customers know exactly what the business name translates to in terms of experience, quality, aesthetic and service, and use that association to make key buying decisions.

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