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Manchester branding agency benefits for your business

Flintlock Marketing provides brand marketing services to a variety of incredible businesses in Manchester and throughout the northwest, consulting and collaborating with companies that need big ideas, creative branding and insights to help uncover the specific elements that drive their business.

As a top UK branding agency, we go beyond brand strategy development and focus on a deep dive into the culture that forms the foundation of your business, creating a strategy into action process you can deploy to inform the holistic evolution of your company to contribute to real-world growth and success.

Our brand strategy team is about more than creating amazing brands and improving lead generation but equipping our clients with the objective insights necessary to unpick challenges and improvement points and move ahead with confidence, conviction and on-point brand identities.

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Defining your brand strategy

When we work with Manchester clients for the first time, we start with a Spark Workshop and Spot Spark stakeholder interviews to explore those fundamentals that will dictate the right brand-building tactics for your business. During this process, we may discuss your ethos, culture, workforce, deliverables, success to date, and what a bright, bold future would look like for your company.

From there, our expert branding researchers and analysts audit your brand assets and proposition to appraise your market presence, the perceptions your key audience has of you, and what they might immediately associate with your brand, logo, products or services.

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Developing a key brand identity to inform your marketing

Why is it essential to work through a brand analysis before beginning work on a high-level brand strategy? As a brand agency with years of expertise, we know that this phase is imperative to:

  • Fine-tune your brand vision, pin down your philosophy, and ensure the brand direction you choose to take is aligned with your internal processes.
  • Develop persuasive, emotive and memorable marketing content that is built on your vision, using messaging that customers find appealing and engaging.
  • Improve the positive reputation of your brand, feeding into customer loyalty, brand advocacy and social proof.

A brand story isn’t necessarily used as marketing content but pieces together the narrative of your business. Branding agencies create a unique narrative based on your origins and history, current mission and long-term purpose, and the role you perform or would like to be perceived as having within your customer relationships.

Great brand stories are relatable, humanised and coherent, maximising the impact of all onward brand marketing activities and campaigns.

Working with a Manchester focused branding marketing team

Branding is an important aspect of every marketing element you invest in, from web design to sales pitches, working toward global ambitions to establishing your brand as a sector leader within the market. It is also equally applicable to a new brand as an established firm, and non-profit and social enterprise organisations, as a universal necessity to compete and achieve quantifiable results.

Delivering fantastic customer experiences starts with having the right brand marketing strategy behind you, which may influence the tactics we recommend you select, concentrating on a consistent, creative and relevant approach that aligns with your target customer.

As your marketing agency partner, we can progress your brand strategy to define the marketing assets you use in your advertising, reaching your brand marketing targets while incorporating trends and immersive content, and ensuring you sell big ideas at each touchpoint.

Creating brand equity and collateral for your business

Brand equity may be one of the most underrated assets a company can possess – and it can be phenomenally powerful. Equity is best described as the intangible asset that represents all the important parts of your company journey, stories, and objectives, meaning you can foster brave ideas delivered with refreshing simplicity.

Collateral is a separate aspect and describes the marketing materials you create, using your brand identity to inspire creativity that encapsulates those ideas in effective design to make the most of your presence on your own platforms and customer channels.

When you have reached a point where you have generated brand consistency and understand the expectations and perceptions of your audience, you can use this knowledge to implement great marketing that relies on your key messages to drive sales, growth and engagement.

If you would like to learn more about how we get to grips with your core brand identity and why this is a valuable project to improve your long-term business prospects in Manchester, please get in touch.

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