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Terms and Conditions for the January Sale

  1. The 2021 sale is open to brands / clients looking for marketing support from participating agency partners.
  2. The Client (the buyer) needs to appoint the Agency(ies) by the end of February 2021, for a minimum term of three months.
  3. If the agency agrees to undertake the client brief, the scope and fee will be agreed between the client and participating agency(ies). Once agreed, the Agency agrees to provide one month’s agency fee for free, equivalent to 33% reduction in fees based on a three-month contract.
  4. On acceptance of these terms and conditions, the client is bound and agrees to pay the total fee (less the 33%).
  5. Third party and production costs will be billed net and are excluded from this offer.
  6. Fees will be billed monthly in arrears and will be payable within 14 days of receipt
  7. The third month fees will be billed at no cost to Client.
  8. The agency reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any point.
  9. New clients only
  10. Offer correct at time of publishing
  11. Normal terms and conditions apply
  12. Participating agencies only

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