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A barrel proof tasting case for Diageo

Distilling the difference

What makes whisky so enjoyable, is also what makes it so hard to shop – the complexity. The category can be very daunting to all but the connoisseur and this is played out by the fact that the majority of shoppers only ever buy one type of whisky – ‘I stick to what I know because it’s the easy option; I’m interested in trying other whiskies although I see it as too much of a risk’.

Easy on the palate

The challenge was to find ways to reduce this risk and so, working alongside RPM we developed and researched a range of routes that celebrated different aspects of the whisky category. Time and again consumers where drawn to flavour – the most easily accessible and most relatable of the routes; ‘it’s easy, it’s really enticing, it’s what whisky is about’. What’s Your Whisky? is simple, bold and vibrant and in combination with the four flavour profiles – fruity, spicy, smoky and sweet – a much more contemporary portrayal of the whisky category.

Bringing out the flavour

Flintlock Marketing followed up this piece of work with a quantitative VR study to ascertain how shoppers would react to both the creative approach as well as re-merchandising the fixture by flavour. An overwhelming success, with shoppers citing a preference for this approach – it inspires choice and encourages exploration – and moreover, drives +10% growth in category value.

This flavour-based approach headlined by the call to action ‘What’s Your Whisky?’ is set to be the foundation for all whisky communication across Diageo and across all channels. Starting with Amazon in June 2020 and followed by other retailers across Europe later in the same year the solution has now been developed as an App and will also be the basis for


Growth in category value

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