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Brand Creation

Brand Creation and Marketing for The Royal & Metamorph

A Landmark Tale

Making a mark

Creating a new Brand can be equally exciting and intimidating for SME businesses. There is a lot at stake, often personally. Investment in brand creation and marketing needs to make a significant difference to the outcome.

Resource light, these smaller businesses still have big ambitions. They need access to people who know their stuff, when they want. Our Flintlock bolt-on service is created with this in mind.

When Metamorph, a South Coast property company, asked us to get involved they had a a sensitive seafront landmark site in Bognor Regis to market. It was the statement project of a pivotal strategic shift by them into a new market.

Transformed and reimagined

It was clear to us that that we needed to go back to the roots of the business, and re-visit the brand. Vital strategic discussions, landed them on ’transformation’ as a way to articulate optimism and real change. This crystallised their intention as a brand for excellence in regeneration, and pinpointed their target market.

Firing up our creative team, we could then move into action to start marketing The Royal. A calm message of ‘Harmony with Heritage’ made the building the hero – but with an enticing twist. This was to be “The Royal – reimagined”.

From yesterday to tomorrow

Romance copy, historical images, and a specially created suite of graphics and fonts, demonstrated sensitivity to the building’s past and location. Complemented by a fresh modern colour palette, and attractive interior images, we showed the easy lifestyle on offer. All projected in the upbeat message “A Pebble’s Throw From Beach and Town’.

To date we have devised the brand and marketing strategy, produced a 20-metre hoarding, a website and brochure. Output has stayed true to heart of the brand message, and the talk round town is all good.


Co-operating with the Co-operative

Let’s create a spark together