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Vitaccess takes a step into its global future with a bold rebrand created by strategic brand marketers, Flintlock, to reflect its prolific journey to becoming the world’s most advanced next-generation real-world evidence provider.

On a fast train of growth and recognition – a Tech Nation Top 33 UpScale 6.0 participant, Innovate UK partner and a Queen’s Award winner in 2021 – Vitaccess appointed strategic brand marketers, Flintlock, to move its strategy and creative into a new phase that better  express its story – roots and branch.

Flintlock Marketing founder, Tasha Gladman, comments that Vitaccess is a ‘real’ innovator – not just for the ground-breaking work they are doing, but for their approach as a business in their sector. Inclusive, rigorous and bold, they quickly understood that they could also act strategically to differentiate their brand and give it real meaning.

The re-brand now maximizes that as they establish a presence and grow their recognition worldwide. “It puts them ahead in what is predominantly a low-fi brand space. Our job was to capture that intrepid essence – and bottle it.” Gladman says.

From this…
To this…

“… bold, positive and energetic - it's really ‘us',”

Dr Helen Williams, COO, Vitaccess

‘Real Progress’ is the result and reflects the strategic positioning that evidences a brand model built on ‘Real’ data, with ‘Real’ people, created from ‘Real’ trust whilst making scientific, patient and ultimately human ‘Progress’


In bringing the brand to creative life, it now visually conveys vibrancy and modernity. As the company seeks to take the lead within its sector, it does so with humanity at its heart. The optimistic yellow and bold, defined binoculars graphic gives its new look both character and clarity.

Vitaccess COO Dr Helen Williams says, “Collaboration and inclusivity is at our core. Those two elements helped form inspiration of our choice behind our creative direction.” The process involved members of the Vitaccess in-house team, who can now bring it to life in their apps, dashboards and research papers. “I’m incredibly proud of what’s been created, and how it’s unified the way we talk with all our audiences – pharmas and patients,” she adds.


“The project was very collaborative, and it was fascinating for me personally, to see the workings of this particular creative process.”

Dr Mark Larkin, Founder, Vitaccess

Vitaccess is confident that the re-brand will build brand equity and gain salience across global markets enhancing its holistic in-house service and next-gen tech. 

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