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Rebrand for the right reasons

A rebrand is a significant investment and not something to undertake without understanding why. Making change should benefit your business, and improve the brand equity you have worked hard to build.

A brand is an empty vessel

At Flintlock Marketing, we always say a brand is an empty vessel. It’s only as good as the contents inside. What you put into it, and pour out is what matters. Your brand is what your customer makes of it.

We know that when founders Tasha Gladman and Graham Appleyard set up Flintlock seven years ago, they did so with great success. But, as any brand marketing expert should, we had also begun to notice something.

Know when the timing is right to re-brand

Our clients, colleagues and professional friends (sometimes even our kids) were commenting that they weren’t clear what it was we did. It set off our branding alarm bells.

We needed to act. So, together with a growing team of associates, we set out to evaluate and create remedies that would improve the vessel to do much better justice to the quality of the contents inside.

The power of sparking

We decided to put ourselves through our own strategic paces using our Spark* Workshop. It was an illuminating experience for us, in more ways that one.

We saw that the laser-sharp focus on which we trade – represented by our Flintlock spark – was at the heart of what we did but not reflected in what we said.

It got us clear that we needed to talk to the power of how that ‘spark’ fuelled great strategic and creative outcomes that got brands and businesses growing—our purpose.

And we could do that because we have top-flight brain-power, skill, energy and insight, plus a long, successful track record to prove it —our proposition.


Adding some branding spark

The original brand identity was not doing a good enough job to show that in look, tone or feel. A strategic rebrand was necessary. Our vessel needed to brighten up to match our clients’ experience and represent us with energy, warmth and credibility.

Our design team responded by leveraging our Spark, modernising our logo and bringing warmth in with new colours. A new Spark icon represents our ideas and energy, while the Spark trail expresses the strategic thread flowing through all our work.

And, our copywriter kept things simple to demonstrate our clear thinking. We backed our statements with case studies and demonstrated the breadth of our work. Then wrapped everything up in a new ‘sparked by’ theme that runs through our brand voice.

Getting our marketing sparking

It’s an investment we’re sparked by, and the feedback’s been great (even our kids).

A strategic rebrand can help you to reflect your brand better, work harder for you, and get you growing. It’s working for us, with seven new clients this year, and a happy mix of household name brands and ambitious SME clients, all getting their marketing “sparked by Flintlock”.

If you’d like to get your business growing, create a spark with us here…


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