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Speed of change, without direction, is a big problem. Communications and conversations now move so quickly that things can change fast and, as a result, organisations have become more reactive – often because they can be. Whilst innovation is critical to success, this speed isn’t always a great thing for business.

Business is becoming increasingly complex for marketeers. An ecommerce and .com world is having to work alongside the bricks and mortar shop as well as a rapidly increasing number of media channels. Retailers are being expected to collaborate more, working cross-departmentally and this presents new challenges.

“When the commercial team are demanding delivery immediate sales, coupled with an ever-increasing number of channels, and a more complex customer journey it makes it harder than ever for marketeers to maintain a strategic focus on brand in what they’re doing”, explains Tasha.

We believe there will be a greater use of interim Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) over the next few years as businesses recognise the need to be more agile about ways of working, and how clever use of interim managers can transform the way they work.

Businesses are still very traditional about the ways they recruit and keep talent, when the reality is that they don’t need all the people all of the time. Through interim managers, flexibility and deep experience can be added into the mix. Greater pace, used in a more dynamic, productive and future-proof way. Exciting opportunities await as interim steps out of the goalkeeper position and becomes a game changer.