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Diageo’s Seasonal Events Activation Campaign

Getting into the spirit with Diageo

Taking the Long View

Diageo has a portfolio of market leading brands that cover all the different long-mixed drinks categories. The typical brand by brand sell-in approach can make it difficult to engage customers and often results in brands competing for space. This, combined with a bespoke programme for each seasonal event can create a very complex activation calendar.

With a little extra effort

Flintlock Marketing identified that seasonal events (e.g. Bank Holidays; Father’s Day; Halloween) are seen by customers as an opportunity to drive footfall and by consumers as an excuse to upgrade their drinks choice a little and try something new. Spirits drinks are evocative in their nature and they create a great experience (versus the ‘usual) – the perfect match for seasonal events.

Working with LOVE Creative we developed a strategy that positioned spirits as ‘that little upgrade to your evening’ – a little more effort (for the bartender or yourself) to prepare gives that little extra reward – encapsulated in the campaign idea ‘Made not Poured’.

Keeps things simple

To overcome the execution challenges we developed a consistent look and feel that could work across all seasonal events – a single programme that provides both the on and off trade channels with one activity calendar that is easy to execute (for both customer and Diageo).

The programme is rolling out in GB from summer 2020 and across Europe later in the year.


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